Our Philosophy

To create beautiful, high-quality modern homes, we follow three core principles. First, we see to the details with a hands-on approach.  From the design of the home to the selection of subcontractors to the choice of materials to the actual construction, we are personally involved. Second, we build natural homes. Whether it's energy efficiency, natural materials, or a connection to the outdoors, we think natural is better. Finally, we build homes for your life. We specialize in custom homes because every person and family is unique. Their homes should match.

For us, building homes is about the details. That's why we're constantly on the job site.

Hands-on home-building

From design to detailing, we are personally involved in every stage of the building process. Being a small company lets us take a hands-on approach to the homes we build. We meet with our clients, share their vision with our architects, hand-pick our subcontractors, select the best materials, and get dirty doing work on the job site. That's the best way to get every detail right and make your dream a reality. 

Visit the job site

To know how we work, come see for yourself. Take a tour of a job site to see our process and dedication to detail. Give us a call or send us an email to set up a visit.

Natural Homes

What does "natural" mean in home building?

It means materials like stone, tile, and hardwood floors. It  means handmade brick. It means solid Douglas fir beams and finish. 

It also means copious natural light from skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows, blurring the lines between yard and home and bringing the outdoors in

And it means environmental consciousness. For the planet and your budget, all our homes are energy efficient and ENERGY STAR certified

We build homes with natural materials, energy efficiency, and an outdoor connection.

Built for Your Life

Every family is unique. That's why we specialize in custom homes--your home should fit into your life. Let us work with you to design and build a home that meets your specific needs. 

Every family is unique. That's why we build homes that fit into your life.